9th Braid
(George Watson's College)
Scout Group

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Maps of Camps, Hikes and Treks in the Archive

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Cub Summer camps Please note that we do not have links for all of the Cub sites, and also many sites have been used several times.Attach:file.ext Δ


Scout Summer Camps North of the Forth and South of the Forth

Scout Trek Routes 1919 - 1954

There were no maps with any of the records of the treks so the narrative from each one has been used to show the most likely route. There is a similar issue with most hikes.

1950s Senior Hikes    and    1960s Senior Hikes

Only where there are photographs or a narrative route are Junior Hike routes shown.

Junior Hike Routes 1960s, 1970s, 1980s , 1990s

Venture Scouts

Venture Scout Activities -

Former Scouts

Former Scout Walks and 2019 04 23-26 The Mull Meander Map

Trek Routes

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