9th Braid
(George Watson's College)
Scout Group

Scouts: be prepared

Using a Flickr web page

Most of the pages of 9th Archive photographs are held in the Flickr website.

When you are looking at a Flickr page, if you hover your cursor over a photograph the title will appear. You can select an individual photograph by clicking or double clicking on it , it will enlarge.

If there is an arrow to the right or left of the photograph you can click on that and it will take you to the next photograph or back to the previous one.

At the bottom right of the screen there may be 3 dots. If you click on them one of the options offered is a slideshow.

Because of restrictions in Flickr on the number of tags that can be given to one photograph not all names may be tagged, so not all the photographs including the person(s) named on a lare photograph will necessarily appear.

To leave Flickr just close the window.

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