9th Braid
(George Watson's College)
Scout Group

Scouts: be prepared

Getting your photographs into the 9th On-line Archive

Individual photographs

Send your photographs via email attachment to the Archive Master, including as much explanatory information as possible. (The more information there is about a photograph the more meaningful it is for people viewing it.)

For each photograph, please supply:

Details - where taken, the event, who is in it, anything else

If your photographs are on Flickr, Picasa, etc.

If you have loaded your photographs onto a standard photograph website, and wish to make them available to the 9th On-line Archive, please email the Archive Master, supplying Log-In details for the system you have used. As this site will be accessed by the Archive Master, you may prefer not to use your normal password for this.

Ensure that each photograph has a meaningful name, preferably including date (in yyyymmdd format), place and subject:

e.g. 19820829_ScoutCampKingussie_FulmarPatrol.jpg

If the system allows, give your photographs titles. In your email to the Archive Master add any comments about each of them: where taken, the event, background, etc.

If the system allows you to tag each photograph with names, enter the names of people in the photograph, as this allows viewers to search for the individuals by name.


Archive Master: Mike Masson

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